Why "Versatile" Needs to Be a New Mom’s Buzzword

Easy Ways to Get Your New Family Fed, Healthily and Happily

Braun MultiQuick5

When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I had two immediate thoughts: 1.) How are we going to afford university for two kids; and, 2. We have to move, ASAP.

Thankfully, I’ve got some time on the post-secondary education front, and we decided that we would not be moving before the babies were born. Instead, we chose to turn our 800 square foot condo into a home for four, nursery and all.

From the early stages of planning out how to best use our space we knew we wouldn’t be able to bring in all sorts of random baby-related stuff (and we didn’t want to). I had a basic registry for gifts from well-meaning friends and family but veered away from any products that were not deemed 100% necessary. (Buh-bye, wipe warmer and diaper pail).

We opted to transform key areas of the condo into multi-functional rooms instead. We ditched two shelving units and the den became the nursery which just so happened to have an office desk in it.  Our dining table and chairs were swapped for two glider chairs and baby swings turned our former eating place into a nursing area.

Then, we got to the kitchen. Oh, the gadgets and appliances we own… I mean, we’ve got a bagel slicer, two avocado tools, THREE slap chops. (Apparently my family members don’t trust me to cut things?)  Our counter space is precious real estate, so we purged most of the stocking stuffer items and re-evaluated our must-have list. Like most of our home, we placed a higher value on appliances that served more than one purpose.  So when we were doing our separation exercises for the kitchen goods, the Braun Multi Quick 5 Baby Hand Blender easily earned its permanent spot in our home.

Don’t be swayed by the name. Not just a “baby” product, the MQ5 Baby is versatile enough to make grown-up food – quickly and easily, and has been an ideal addition to our food prep arsenal. 

If you’ve never used a hand blender before, here are some key benefits:

  • Makes smaller serving sizes, or just enough for 2 people
  • Easy to clean thanks to advanced SPLASHcontrol technology prevents splashing and delivers the best blending results to keep you and your kitchen clean
  • Blends quickly thanks to the patented POWERBell Plus features an extra milling blade to provide more slices per rotation, blending large pieces and hard ingredients more easily
  • Ultra-versatile thanks to the EasyClick system Plus which allows you quickly change attachments as you prep. You can blend, chop, whisk, mash, crush, and puree ingredients effortlessly.
  • Super duper compact and easy to store.

Think a hand blender is just for baby food and soup? Think again.

Here are my top 5 Non-Baby Uses for Your Braun Multi Quick 5:

  1. Eggs Omelets and Scrambled. Oh so fluffy!
  2. Pancakes (with almost zero clean up!)
  3. Butter Coffee
  4. Salsa
  5. Hummus + Pesto Not quite the same thing, I know, but I wanted to keep the list to 5, and so consider this a bonus tip.

Multi-tasking is a key survival characteristic of my day, and nothing – and I mean nothing – makes me happier than knocking 2+ tasks off my list in one shot. These days I am all about maxing out the twins’ morning wake period, which is roughly 7am-9am.  The first time I used the MQ5 Baby for eggs, it was a major A-ha!  moment for me. After making myself a butter coffee (don’t knock it until you try it!) and quickly mixing up some extra banana for the babies’ oatmeal, I was able to make a plain omelet for the twins, scrambled eggs for my husband, and –with the help of the 1.5 cup chopper – a veggie omelet for myself.

Versatility, check!  Ultimate mom status? Also check!

While I still consider our downsizing lifestyle as a family of four very much a work in progress, I feel confident in knowing we’re off to a pretty awesome start.