Natural Orange and Clove Air Freshener

Don't miss out on this.

This DIY, all-natural air freshener, made with oranges and cloves, is easy and uses only three ingredients (which you probably already have in your kitchen pantry!). It is also chemical-free (which makes it allergy-friendly, child-friendly, and pet-friendly too). You won’t want to miss making this…

What makes this DIY all natural air freshener oranges and cloves handy? It's great if you have a burnt dinner smell (it happens), stale odours, pet smells, kid smells, or colds n’ flus in the house. (Note: this won’t make the cold or flu any better or help anyone get over a cold or flu faster…it simply smells nice…which makes being sick a litter less yuck).



Peel of two oranges (eat the oranges themselves… see?… bet that vitamin C makes you feel better too)
4-5 cloves
3 cups of water
That’s it!


  • Pour water into saucepan
  • Add in orange peel
  • Add in cloves
  • Set water/orange/clove mixture to boil (I prefer to use element at back of stove for child safety…you don’t want any little hands trying to grab the pot handle).
  • Once boiling, turn it down to LOW and simmer for 30-40 minutes.

NOTE: do not leave a pot with hot things unattended - again, child safety (and pet safety too) - plus you don’t want to forget about it and have it boil down and start burning. I set a timer (seriously, it smells so good, you might forget it in plain bliss). Also, I don’t leave it unattended.

If you are worried about forgetting it… or having to step away while caregiving… you could simmer this orange clove air freshener in a crockpot uncovered.

The story behind how I came up with this all natural air freshener DIY idea: I was baking and had some orange peel left over. So I decided to boil some water, add the orange peel with some cloves – and just simmer it on my stove top for a half an hour. AMAZING results. I highly recommend!

And what was I baking you wonder? This.

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