Get Your Kids To Put Away Their Clothes With Laundry Tag

Instead of letting laundry pile up over days and weeks without getting put away, enlist the kids in a fun game. As you're folding your laundry, make small piles for each kid to take up and put away. Send one up with a small pile, and when that child comes down s/he tags the next child to take up his/her pile, and so on. If they put away all their laundry and you're still folding clothes, they win the game.  

How I Get My Kids To Do Chores

Annabel is YMC's own Meditating Mummy. But don’t think her life is all lotus petals and incense. From the moment she bolted tearfully out of her first mom and babe yoga class with hysterical infant in tow, Annabel recognized, with great irony, that one of her biggest challenges would be finding the “om” in mom. Now with two kids she is still searching for serenity.

Aside from being a yoga master (teaching yoga and Pilates all over town), Annabel’s a freelance writer and co-author of bittergirl (the play, the book & the musical), a recreational runner, and of course she’s a doting Mum.

Join Annabel as she meditates on the joys and jolts of parenting - through sleep deprivation, snuggles, and tantrums - taking yoga off the mat and into motherhood one meltdown at a time. And with a few good laughs along the way.

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