My Kitchen Resolutions

Must-dos for 2013

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A new year usually mean a clean slate, a chance to start over and for some, resolutions. For some reason, I’m far more likely to keep my kitchen resolutions than any other, such as that wasted gym membership years ago. With 2013 bringing us a new kitchen and community with what seems like endless opportunities for new experiences, we came up with a list of must dos for 2013.

  Visit local ethnic markets

The Fraser Valley is chock full of food opportunities! My teenager and I have always been fascinated by food from other countries, and with the amount of ethnic markets near our home, there’s no excuse not to visit. Whether it’s Indian or Asian, Jamaican or even Dutch, we plan to broaden our horizons and begin tasting our way through each and every one of them. This of course means we’ll have to be brave and try all sorts of foods that we’ve never heard of, but what can I say? We love adventure.

Buy more local products

With a cheese farm just down the road, corn fields everywhere and sprawling farms in the Fraser Valley, I have no excuse but to buy more local products. Besides, it tastes better and supports our local economy. Yes, it’s more expensive than some imported products but I like knowing my money is going to a farmer down the road, rather than big agri-business in the USA. It’s also kind of fun to purchase corn from a drive through road stand.

  Take care of my equipment

Kitchen equipment needs to be maintained, and in the past I’ve been a neglectful owner! My poor cutting boards need oil, the knives need to be sharpened, and more. I’m committing to take better care of my tools because it’s not only safer for my fingers, but will make them last longer. This means I should also throw away my ancient food processor that has a cracked blade, right?

  Waste less

Canadians waste billions of dollars of food each year. Whether it’s buying too much produce and it rotting before I use it, or buying things I don’t need, I’m just as guilty as anyone else. Buying better quality but less in quantity sounds like a great place to start. I’m a cook with great intentions, but sometimes I overestimate how much I want to cook, and in the end things hit the garbage.

  Relax and just enjoy

Sometimes we let ourselves get stressed out by food. The calories, the prep, if it’s sustainable or local or whatever bar we strive to make it. I want to relax and enjoy, because sometimes is just too short to go without bacon. Now that doesn’t mean I’ll be hitting the local fast food joint, but I may just eat out a little more often. After all, there’s lots of places here to choose from, and every now and then, we all need a break, right?

What are your kitchen resolutions? Eat more bacon? Cook with only good wine? Buy better cheese? Spill it!

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