How To Design A Sexy Bedroom

Bringing Bedroom Sexy Back

How to Design A Sexy Bedroom

What comes to mind when you dream of your ultimate sexy bedroom? I recently went to my bedroom and felt uninspired. Nothing sexy about it, really. It could use a little tarting up. Aside from the racy ‘art’ pics, scarf over the lamp, and the zebra rug clichés, how does one really define ‘sexy’ in decor?

To get inspired, I Googled ‘sexy spaces.’ What did I get? Sexy ladies dressed up in sci/fi outfits! Get it? As in outer space! I lol’ed, wiped my tears, and got back to researching.

I Googled ‘sexy bedrooms.’ Bingo! I hit the jackpot. Clearly I was not the first person to figure out that bedrooms should be sexy.

Now the very obvious: no pictures of your kids (that includes kids art) or pics of your in-laws, and don’t leave your dirty clothes lying aroundbuy a hamper already! That’s a much sexier bedroom already.

Now, once we’ve cleaned up, let's decorate. No need for expensive choices here. Let's start with beddinglots of clean lines, muted tones, and fresh linens. I personally like cottonno synthetics. I like white sheets, but some colour on the other items, like the cushion and the coverlet. Comforters are bulky and out of style, and usually made out of synthetics. In the winter, I like a nice fluffy feather duvet. We’re all grown ups here and there is nothing hotter than playing under the covers with your sexy partner.

I would purchase new pillows every yearthe ones you sleep on. Not only do they get gross, but they also lose the fluffiness and freshness after a while. I would choose down pillows and a duvet, if you are not allergic to the feathers. There are many good alternatives on the market if you are, such as silk. Most down can be laundered now, as well as synthetics, but read the manufacturer's label before you do.

The next task is to lie in bed and look at the view. What are you looking at? Your Mama’s portrait? Not sexy! Floral drapes? Not sexy! Fireplace? Sexy! Unless you have the t.v. tuned to the fireplace channel, I would get rid of the t.v. in the bedroom.

Create a vignette on your dresser. Group all your perfume or cologne bottles together on a sleek tray, buy a beautiful orchid (they make great fake ones these days!), and buy yourself a new jewellery or watch box (guys, this means you too). Try a few beautiful wood boxes or gorgeous smoky glass ones that don’t scream ‘little ballerina inside.’ Hide the clutter and bring on the romance.

Like every other room in your house, you have to ask yourself the question: how do I want to feel in this room? Hang up a sexy dress or piece of lingerie that reminds you of the hot tamale that you really are. What colour is it? Incorporate that colour in the room. If casual rustic is more your style, a fur throw is super luxurious and sexy. It doesn’t have to be realeven buying a couple of yards of faux fur from a fabric store is all it takes to create that illusion. Make sure it feels soft and luxurious.

I love mysterious images of smoke tendrils or foggy woodland scenery, and black and white photos of Paris or architecture. Maybe seeing photos of other coupleslike the famous Robert Doisneau Hotel De Villeturns you on.

I am also very fond of Alphonse Mucha and his art nouveau portraits of beautiful women with their flowing hair and sensual robes. Makes me think he loved women, and their beauty, like no other. What images create that sensuality in your mind?

Our other senses need to be fulfilled, as wellmusic, the right kind of lighting, smell, softness (or roughness, if you’re into that). Get yourself an MP3 player/alarm clock. Download some jazz or other tunes that get your juices going. Please get a dimmer switch for your light fixtures, to create that sensual moodthey’re inexpensive and easy to install. Candles can be sexy and set the mood, as well as create a soothing scent. Don’t forget what’s underfootsoft warm carpeting always feels sensual to your tootsies.

Add drama to your bedroom by painting the walls dark and having some sparkle from mirrors or crystal lighting to offset the darkness. Add silver or grey in furniture and accessories. Think night club cool, not dungeon goth.

Let's face it, if you’re with someone you’re really in to, who cares what your bedroom looks like! You should be having the time of your life, and you probably won’t even notice what colour is on the walls! But I am a decorator, and you do want your home to set the tone for the life you want, so make your bedroom that sex lair you desire, and have some fun!


I'm a mom first, design professional second. I know how hard it is to juggle it all. I love helping people make their homes happy and comfy. Your home should be a reflection of you, and I'm here to help you find your style.