Update Your Bathroom By Installing A Modern Shower Cubicle

Types Of Shower Enclosures

Update Your Bathroom by Installing A Modern Shower Cubicle

With more homeowners looking to create a stylish, yet practical bathroom, shower cubicles are increasing in popularity. If you have never installed one before, or need to update your look, here is a guide to what works well.

Types of Shower Enclosures

If you thought that shower cubicles only came in one style, then think again! Shower cubicles are available in different variants to suit both traditional and contemporary bathroom suites, including walk-in, quadrant, sliding doors, pivot doors, bi-fold, hinge doors, and corner entry units. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your budget, space, and style of bathroom.

From the style of doors to the shape of the tray, there is so much choice when it comes to choosing a shower cubicle. When space is limited, bi-fold doors allow you to increase the usable space in the room; however, if space is not a problem, a quadrant enclosure would be a perfect choice. If you are looking to install a shower cubicle over the bath, then one with pivoted doors is probably the best idea, for ease of access.

If you want more space than the traditional square tray, why not opt for a rectangular one? However, if you not only want more space, but also a great style feature, the quadrant cubicle would be an excellent choice. For those consumers who want that contemporary edge, install a pentangle tray with sleek, stylish edges.

For bathroom projects on a tight budget, an enclosure with an aluminum frame would reduce your costs. For a more luxurious lookif funds allowchoose a chrome, silver, or gold frame. Whatever type of enclosure you decide on, the shower area must be fully tiled to allow water to run down into the tray.

The Benefits Of Shower Enclosures

We are all aware of the energy efficient benefits of showers over baths, and the number of homeowners choosing to only have a shower installed is increasing. They can offer you the best of both worlds, by waking you up in the morning, as well as refreshing you after a long day at work. Enclosures are also more effective than simple shower curtains, as the water runs down them more efficiently, and they are easier to clean, reducing any mould issues.

They also offer practical benefits. As the hot water and the steam it generates are enclosed within a small space, the temperature within the area is warmer. By keeping the water contained in the enclosure's tray, there is less mess on the bathroom floor, therefore reducing cleaning time, as well as the likelihood of accidents occurring on a wet floor. If you want to limit the amount of cleaning further, then choose a frameless glass enclosure. This reduces those hard to clean areas, stopping the build up of grime and limescale, and helping the shower look cleaner for longer.

Everyone loves to have a shower, and with an enclosure they are not only practical, but extremely stylish and contemporary. Whether you live in a large house with a choice of bathrooms, or a small apartment with a compact area, there is a product for you!

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