How to Use That Last Sliver of Soap

Don’t throw away that scrap of soap! Passed on from my grandmother who never wasted anything because she knew what it was like to live without, this tip lets you use up every last bit of your bar of soap.

When your soap is down to a sliver, soften it in some water and then lay it on top of your new bar. Gently press them together to bind the two pieces then let them sit overnight. By your next shower, they will have melded together into a single usable bar!

Jen is a multi-tasking mom who likes to keep things under control…well as much as she possibly can when balancing motherhood, marriage, work, friendships... life basically.

We can all relate to being overwhelmed by too much to do and oh so little time. Controlling the insanity and simplifying the day-to-day helps Jen find more time. Time for her family, time for herself, and time to devise ways to keep her active little boy happy and out of trouble.