Craft Day: DIY Canada Day Banner

Add some maple leaf flair to your decor

Canada Day Banner

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Here's a quick banner I made to give our humble Caribbean rental a little Canadian flair.
Similar in style to my St. Patrick's Day banner, this simple banner took me about half an hour to put together using only a handful of items I had around the house. 
How to make your own:
Each scallop was created by tracing a small plate on white paper, cutting out, then folding each one in half. After cutting the shapes I needed out of red cardstock and a few book pages to create each scallop shaped flag, I glued them to the front side of my white half circles & added a button to each.

Next I attached all the little flags to a string by folding each circle in half around the string and then glueing the front and the back of the circles together.
Simple, cute and oh so Canadian, eh!?
I hope everyone has an awesome long weekend and
for those of you gearing up for the 4th, happy July to you too!!
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Rebecca is a wife and mother of four. Her little family recently returned home to Canada after living on a tinyisland in the Dutch Caribbean. She enjoys doing crafts, especially with her kids. She's an avid scrapbooker and professional photographer. You can find her on her blog, Simple As That.