Easy DIY: Make This Sweet Skittles Halloween Costume for Under $10

So easy, your little ones can help

Easy DIY: Make This Sweet, Skittles Halloween Costume for Under $10

Are you the type of parent who waits until the last minute to put together or buy your kids' Halloween costumes? Or are you fully prepared the day October 1st hits? No matter how prepared (or unprepared) you are, this costume idea is perfect for you. It's quick, easy, and the best part? It's cheap to make. It's also a fun project your kids will be able to help with.

For under ten dollars, I was able to put together these cute-as-a-button Skittles-themed costumes. I even had help from my son! He isn't always keen on dressing up and taking photos, but when I told him what I had planned, he loved the idea. Most kids I know would love being a Skittle, wearing Skittles jewelry, and of course, eating the Skittles!

How to Make a Skittles Costume

What You'll Need:

  • 2 x large white foam boards (or cardboard)
  • Favourite Skittle colours in paint
  • Felt page
  • Hot glue gun
  • X-Acto knife
  • Pencil


1. Use a pencil to draw out a large circle on each foam board. You can free hand the circle or if you don't feel you can master it, find something round that is close to the same size and trace it. 

2. With the X-Acto knife, slowly cut out the circle from both of your foam boards (if you go too fast, you will ruffle the edges). 

Tip: Scissors are not a great option when using foam board as it will tear the material, so be sure to use an X-Acto.

3. Use a pencil to draw a letter "S" in the middle of the board. Again, if you need help with this, print out an outline of an S from your computer, cut around that S on the page to create a stencil, and trace it onto the boards.

4. Grab your paint and paintbrush and carefully paint around the S shape, leaving the S white and adding colour to the background of your board. Paint the back piece the same solid colour. This is where my son was able to help. He loved slapping the paint onto the back piece of the board but I did the bits that needed to be done carefully around the S. Set aside for the paint to dry.

5. While the paint is drying, cut out two strips from your felt page that are the correct lengths for your child to fit over his shoulders.

6. Using the hot glue gun, glue the shoulder straps onto the back of the foam boards (the unpainted sides). Be sure to line up the top centre of the S with the straps to make sure that it will be in line when worn.

7. When the glue has dried, put the costume over your child's head and you have yourself a cute little Skittle!

How to Make a Skittles Bracelet

What You'll Need:

  • Skittles
  • Thread
  • A Needle


1. It really is as easy as it looks. Thread your needle and pierce through the middle of each Skittle one-by-one.

Tip: Make sure the Skittles are room temperature so they are softer. This will make threading much easier.

2. Tie the bracelet around your child's wrist.

(We also made a necklace that turned out super cute but it didn't make it into many photos because it was just too good to resist. Gobble, gobble!)

How cute would it be if you got together with some friends and created Skittles costumes for all of your kids? You'd have a whole pack of walking Skittles! 

You know what would be even better, if you got the kids all dressed up in their costumes and headed out to Skittles Avenue for some Halloween fun! Did you hear that for the first time ever, Skittles is decking out a street in Toronto with the biggest, brightest, and most colourful Halloween decor? See below for full details. Happy Halloween!

This is no trick! Skittles has a big treat for Halloween fans.

Grab your camera and get ready to experience an explosion of colour! From Friday October 28th to Monday, October 31st, Skittles will be taking over five houses on Helendale Avenue near Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto. "Skittles Avenue" will be decked out in the biggest and brightest rainbow Halloween décor you’ve ever seen. While you're there, be sure to pick up your free, full size packages of Skittles.

That’s not the only sweet news from Skittles. Click here to get a coupon for $1.50 off the purchase of either Wrigley’s Skittles & Starburst 45 piece, Skittles & Starburst 90 piece, or Lifesavers 75 piece box. Coupon expires October 31st!

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