10 Cute & Creative Easter Activities for Your Kids

Make This Easter the Best (and Craftiest) Yet

The long cold winter is finally (hopefully?) over here in Canada, and nothing heralds the start of spring like Easter! Here are some great crafts from bloggers all over the country to help you celebrate the arrival of warm weather - and the Easter Bunny! - with your kids this weekend.

1. Easter Party Hats


"If you plan on throwing an Easter party this season, you will want to make these festive and easy Easter party hats. This easy Easter  craft is a fun and frugal way to get into the Easter spirit with your children.  You can make them using just a handful of inexpensive supplies, so take a look below at how you can get started on creating your own easy Easter craft! They are the perfect party hat to make your Easter party special, so get crafting!"

2. Tissue Paper Spring Bouquet


"It’s finally spring, and after a LONG, cold winter, I can’t wait for some warm weather and sunshine! What do you think of when you think spring? Flowers of course! Out here on the West Coast we’re already welcoming daffodils and crocuses, but if you don’t have any flowers blooming yet, here’s a simple craft to make some. These tissue paper flowers won’t wilt, and they make a beautiful table centerpiece. This would make a colourful decoration for the Easter dinner table."

3. Rabbit Ears Hat


"This craft requires a lot of cutting so I generally did it myself and let The Kids help with gluing. They absolutely loved them and were still wearing them the next day and the next day and… They were so easy to make and so popular that I ended up making one for each of them. Needless to say, there’s been a lot of hopping going on."

4. Easter Hutch Table


"Each year, Little Boo and I create our bunny hutch. This is a tradition passed down from my grandmother. We had a hutch every year growing up. It provides a focal point for any Easter presents and a lovely decorative touch."

5. Paper Plate Easter Basket


"You can fill these with a little Easter grass if you like, or just toss in some candies. Little Boo is really proud of the basket he coloured (on the left). These have been added to our Bunny Hutch and are filled with yummy gummy bunnies. Note - these are definitely not strong enough to use for an egg hunt, but are really cute as decorations."

6. Milk Bottle Bunny


"Surprise your children Easter morning by serving their juice or milk in these cute Milk Bottle Bunnies. Super-easy and inexpensive to make, these sweet milk bottles turned Easter Bunnies are a fun way to decorate and celebrate Easter."

7. Healthy Easter Basket Ideas


"When the Easter bunny comes, he usually leaves a trail of sweet treats behind him. After all, he even poops jelly beans no? Using these Easter tips to building a healthy Easter basket for your little ones, can be a great idea."

8. Silk Tie Easter Egg


"Easter Eggs have always been an integral part of Easter for me.  I have so many memories as a child of decorating eggs with egg dye, food colouring, Kool-Aid and crayons.  So many fun variations to try and marvel at the colours, patterns and unique patterns I could create. So I was ready to tackle making Silk Tie Easter Eggs!"

9. Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt


"Combine spring with chocolate and you have Easter. This year we are planning on switching things up for our Easter egg hunt – we are going to be taking it outside. You know we love outdoor adventures and scavenger hunts. In the past we have searched for signs of spring, created magical maps and gone on an Earth Day scavenger hunt. It’s only natural that we would take on an outdoor Easter egg hunt."

10. Easter Eggs Dyeing Techniques


"Knowing how to dye Easter eggs comes in handy every Spring; measuring ingredients, dropping food colouring, and dunking hard-boiled eggs – its total hands on fun (plus, it makes for a fantastic Easter table decoration!). My kids LOVE this activity and I bet yours will too!"

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