7 Inspiring Ideas for Outdoor Garden Decor

Make your outdoor garden space beautiful

Outdoor Garden Decor

In the warm Spring afternoons and the fresh Summer evenings, staying at the garden with a glass of orange juice makes you relaxed and calms you down. When the eyes are looking at the green trees, bushes, and grass, the mind takes a rest. All that flowers in different colors could turn the stress of the long working day into a happy carefree mood.

It sounds great, right? 

Along with the grass and flowers, it would be great to have some strong charming accents in the garden to focus on, while swinging unworried in a comfortable chair. Here are some suggestions how to make your garden the most enjoyable place providing pleasure and satisfaction for you, your beloved family and guests:

1. It would be great to hear the song of the birds in your own backyard instead the noise of the cars and the traffic. To come closer to this ideal, make your own bird house. Put into it some seeds and enjoy the pleasureable nature sounds. Instead of the regular wooden model of a real house, do something much more creative and different. For example, use an old boot for the purpose. Make a round hole in it and reinforce with a piece of wood. You can even form a little roof from the top of the boot to make it seems more like a house.

2. Do you remember that old toy cars that remains in the closet for centuries? Now you can return some in use by making old toy cars into a pot. Choose a bigger toy car in order to have more space for the soil and the flowers. You can plant different flowers: evergreen or colored ones.

3. Put a dish with slices of bread in it to attract some multi-colored butterflies. Attracted by the food, they will come and go, flying around your garden and this will make the environment peaceful and colourful.

4. If your dining is already too old and stained, and you are about to trash it, don't! Instead, put the wooden chair in your garden, making it the new artwork of your garden. Take all the pillows and cushions away because in the rainy days they will get wet and some mould could grow. In their place plant flowers arranged to fit with the colors of the armchair's paint.

5. Make a “picture” with fresh flowers. For this project, use an old broken mirror's frame. Place a cork pad where the glass was, and affix it with small nails. Arrange some flowers that don't need to be regularly watered like cactus, ivy and gwenllian plant, pinning them into the cork pad.

6. In the evening after the sundown, you will need some lighters in the garden. Don't use the regular ones from the shop like everyone else. Create your own light and make your place unique. Use container or box made of tin plate. Break through some holes with different sized nails, making form of a tree, a flower, a bird, or abstract one. When you put a candle into the tin, the light that is allowed to go through the holes will present amazing effect, especially if you place it near a wall.

7. Another idea for homemade outdoor lights are empty glass bottles. Paint them in different colours with tiny layer using ceramic paint. Place a candle inside and arrange into a proper, systematic, or decorative order, or along the footpath for example.

There are so many ways to turn a simple space into a heaven garden. Spend some relaxing pleasant moments outdoor creating wonderful things to improve the vision of your garden making it unique. 



Jane Mires is a happy mom, freelance guest blogger and also running a cleaning agency in London DreamCleanersLondon. She loves to spend her free time(if she finds some) reading interesting blogs and making researches and taking care of her garden.