Winter Survival Guide: Kick Colds and Flu to the Curb

Your ultimate guide to combat whatever germs get thrown at (or on) you. From prevention and treatment to surviving even the messiest, smelliest messes associated with colds and flu, we've got you covered.


Now, if you wouldn't mind washing your hands and disposing that used tissue in a covered receptacle, that would be great.

With flu season here the big debate about whether or not to get the flu shot is in full swing. Before you make a decision learn the facts about the vaccine.
flu vaccine
Before you book your appointment for the flu vaccine, read this.

Your kids getting a cold or flu is inevitable. Here are five easy, doctor-approved ways to keep them comfortable for when they do get sick.
Learn specific ways to minimize the pain of a needle for kids, and ways to alleviate the anxiety that precedes the needle.

colours of mucus
The commonly-held belief about nasal discharge that is completely wrong.
Are there certain foods that can help us naturally boost our immune system, therefore help us to stay healthier though out the year? The answer is yes.
With the season of colds and flus upon us you'll want to print out this chart and hang it close by.
We have nut free zones at schools — why don't we have germ free zones? Have you ever dropped your child off at daycare or school when you knew they were sick?
While a nasal aspirator may help your little one breathe easy you'll want to read this story before you use your nasal bulb again.
Phase One and Two of getting nutrition into your kids when the flu hits your household, and a rehydrating recipe for a homemade electrolyte replacement drink.
working out when you're sick
You didn't think we were going to actually tell you here, did you? Read it to find out—you may be surprised at the answer.
What do people do when they have young kids, and they have NO ONE around to help them? Spill it! What's your worst sick story?
Watching your little one suffer is hard on a parent's heart. Check out these ten things worse than listening to your child cry.
stomach flu
A mom of six gives nine tips to help you and your little ones survive when the plague hits your house.
stay fir with flu
Five tips and seven meals that help you to take care of yourself when you're busy taking care of everyone else.
Did you know kids catch from 6 to 10 colds per year? While they might not share every virus with you, here's what to do when they pass the sniffles to you.
The no sweat guide to managing your child's fever.
There's no need to hibernate, here are ten strategies to avoid sick days this winter and into spring.