Learn How To Power Through Your Day

Protein packs a punch when it comes to fueling your body and helps to keep you full so you can power through your day.


We put together this page packed with quick and easy recipes, ways you can add more protein to your favourite foods, tips on how to feed your kids on the go and more.


Why? Because finding fast food to feed your busy family doesn't have to mean a last-minute dash to the drive-thru.

Mediterranean Style Quinoa and Chicken Breast Salad
Use Protinis to elevate your regular everyday salads into delicious and energy-filled power meals.
How I Keep Myself and My Kids Fueled While We Are Active
Julie Nowell is the mom of three very active children who love exploring the outdoors. Find out how she keeps them all going for the entire day.

Avoid Being Hangry: Healthy Foods That Fuel This Busy Mom
#YMCCommunity member Shayna Murray shares how she makes sure she gets what she needs to feel good throughout the day and not turn into a "hangry" monster.
How This Mom of a Toddler Stays Fueled Throughout the Day
Even while chasing after a busy toddler, it's possible for this mom to save time on meal prep AND choose healthy meal options.

The Pros of Protein: Is Your Family Getting Enough?
Former nurse Monica Parlee shares one of the most important lessons she learned years ago: proteins are the body's building blocks.
ideas to fuel your day
Easy ways to include protein in your family's diet and a recipe for the perfect tangy topping for a chicken burger.
by: Lara Katz
race training trips
The five step to keep yourself fit and fueled until race day and beyond.
easy on the go snack ideas
Feel good about feeding your kids in the car with these portable snacks that will help keep them full until their next meal.
Change Your Snacks, Change Your Body
Choose foods that fuel to help you power through your day because the snacks you eat can make or break a healthy eating routine.