How To Quit Your Smoking Habit

Tips To Help You Butt Out

quit smoking

Do you find yourself going to great lengths to hide your unhealthy habit from friends and family? Maybe you sneak out late at night or ten minutes before your kid's dance recital is over to have a puff. You probably think that no one can smell the lingering smoke over your spritz of perfume.

Maclean’s recently published an article that exposed a group of Moms who smoke, but are ashamed to admit it. One key element was missing, thoughinformation on how to quit! In Ontario, 62% of smokers want to quit within the next six months. If you can identify with this group, here's how you can get help:

  Fess up

Not only is the stress of hiding smoking bad for your health, but you need the support from your family in order to be successful. While you don't have to blab it to the world, making a public pledge to quit smoking can help. If you're more prone to sharing your thoughts online, jump on Twitter and Facebook, and join the social media group of quitters.

  Get help

Smoking is not just about willpower, it's an addictioneven for occasional smokers. You're more likely to succeed if you have a plan. Free services, like Smokers' Helpline, can offer you confidential support and information about quitting smoking. You'll connect with a trained Quit Coach who will help you develop a personalized plan and answer any questions you have.

There is also a lot of information about different types of nicotine replacement therapyyou can start by doing your research online, but always check with your doctor to make sure you find the best one for you.

  Give yourself an incentive

If you use the Cost of Smoking Calculator on Smokers’ Helpline's Facebook page, you might shock yourself with how much money you’ll save (and what kind of health benefits you’ll receive) if you quit. Make a plan to use that money towards something shiny, new, and healthy!

  Use your smartphone

You’re busy. Heck, I’m impressed you had the time to reach this part of the post! Help with quitting can come with you. Go download the Break It Off app for your iPhone or Android, and you can succeed in quitting, wherever you go.

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