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From Drumming To Improv, Finding The Cure For That Something Missing

Being a mummy-preneur of a marketing communications agency in Toronto meant my days were charged.  I was responding to the needs of my clients.  I was managing and supporting my staff. I was also coaching my daughters on the ins-and-outs of the business. And, of course, generating new business opportunities was constant. By end of the day, I was burnt out!

As busy as I was though, I knew something was missing.  It wasn’t until my girls left home that I found myself itching for some self-exploration – I had a creativity craving.  I always had an interest in entertainment, but I never thought to pursue it until I knew my kids were older. Once they moved out, I decided to indulge.

I began with a pottery course.  Over three months I smushed, squished and pounded clay.  I had little talent, but it was a wonderful stress reliever.  I made a juvenile-looking pencil holder that now holds dog treats.  It may just look like a piece of clay, but it will always signify the beginning of my self-exploration.

Next I took a leap-of-faith by joining an improv comedy workshop at Second City.  I found myself with people quite a bit younger than me.  Many were taking these courses for a serious career in comedy, or to develop presentation skills.  I was doing it for the fun of it and I found it exhilarating. I overcame jitters, learned to trust my improv team and, most importantly, I learned to trust myself.  This was such an eye-opener.

Today I find myself taking an African Drumming class, despite my lack of musical talent.  Drumming requires you to work against your brain since you aren’t necessarily following a natural rhythm, but ironically I find that this provides a total release of frustration.  I don’t really speak with my classmates, but connect with them through our hypnotic drumming beats – it is remarkable.

Whether you are a new or experienced mummy-preneur, it is important to explore your creativity craving because:

It helps you to release frustration, energy and stress

It gives you stories to tell to your family, co-workers and clients

It awakens a piece inside of you that wasn’t accessible before

It provides you with business development in a non-structural way

It’s good and healthy to get a sense of yourself because this will allow you to give back so much more… so don’t feel guilty to indulge


Toni Abramson is the VP of theadlibgroup, a marketing and communications group in Toronto.

She has co-owned the company with her husband Michael for more than 20 years, and applies her expertise to working closely with clients to grow their business. She is also the proud mom of two successful young daughters who have recently joined the company.

A quote that inspires her professionally and personally is by Benjamin Franklin, who said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”