Common (& Uncommon) Childhood Illnesses

A fever, a rash, a weird (or gross) symptom...these are regular and recurring parts of childhood. As parents, it's often one of the most stressful and worrying parts of our job to deal with common childhood illness. So take a deep breath, and read on as we bring you some first-hand Been there; Done that stories so you don't feel so alone. 

Hand Foot and mouth disease |
This family's experience with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease was epic - but she has some coping strategies.
Shingles - how to deal with it |
That little rash you have? It might not just be a rash. What you need to know about Shingles.

Parents need to know about this frightening disorder now associated with Strep infections in children.
pregnant and sick with the Norwalk virus |
One fateful night, when I was 8 months pregnant, a violent virus ripped through our home, and we didn’t see it coming.

Kawasaki Disease Awareness | YMC
Kawasaki Disease is the stuff of nightmares… but it doesn’t have to be.
Chicken Pox - Getting it TWICE |
What you need to know about the good, old chickenpox.
Moms-to-Be: What You Need to Know About Fifth Disease
What to do if you are pregnant and come in contact with someone who has Fifth Disease.
AR - The ER doctor that diagnosed the Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) made one last request before we walked out into the night. He asked if the intern could come take a look as it’s not every day they see a diagnosis like this.​ | Health |
It’s scary when your child gets sick and you're not sure what's going on.
Pink Eye: The Gift that Keeps on Giving |
Five ways you can put a stop to pink eye which is incredibly contagious.
by: Alex Thom
How I caught the mumps even though I was vaccinated |
Why you need to see a doctor if you suspect that your puffy neck may be more than just a flu or cold.
Warts are common and treatable but when it comes to fighting the battle you need to know the right plan of attack.
Roseola Rash |
Roseola - you may have already had it in your house, but do you know what it IS?
So Your Child Has Pinworms |
11,000 Reasons this common childhood issue is the grossest - and least talked about.