Join Us For The #InageneDNATest Twitter Party May 27th at 8pm ET

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by: YMC

To say that parenting during this lockdown is stressful is an understatement!  Financial pressure, homeschooling challenges, non-stop meals and messes, and the fear of catching the virus – no wonder so many of us are melting down.  

Anxiety and even depression is creeping into too many of our lives. Did you know that a whopping 23% of women in their 40s and 50s take antidepressants, a higher percentage than any other group (by age or sex)?! And, two-thirds of users fail their first antidepressant treatment because it is ineffective or causes unacceptable side effects?

Science to the rescue: There’s a new type of personalized genetic testing called “pharmacogenetics” that tells you which medication WILL work for you and which you should avoid based on your unique genetic makeup.

Join us on Wednesday, May 27th at 8pm​ ET for the #InageneDNATest Twitter party, where we’ll be talking genes and sharing some very cool science with you.

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3. Watch for tweets from @YMCBuzz and tweet your answers to the questions using the hashtag #InageneDNATest for your chance to win. The Twitter chat lasts only one hour, so follow @YMCBuzz closely.

Good Luck!

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