The Comfort Item You Need to Be Buying Yourself

A grown-up life truth: We should be having more fun.

And no matter where you are in your “grown up” journey, whether you are a 30, 40, or 50-something, you deserve to be comfortable while doing it. (I think this is why yoga pants were invented.)

One thing – a big thing – that can be a lot of fun is sex. Partnered sex, solo sex - whatever your favourite flavour - sex is fun, or can be, when you are comfortable. Yes; comfortable sex is next level.

I know that for myself, I’m much more likely to let things I’d normally be upset about slide when I’m basking in afterglow. I could literally not care less about a sink full of dishes or a towering pile of laundry when I’m satisfied and comfortable. Oh, you need a volunteer to make 50 cupcakes for a fundraising bake sale? NO PROBLEM I HAD A MINDBLOWING ORGASM LAST NIGHT. WHO WANTS EXTRA FROSTING?

One of the biggest roadblocks to comfortable sex is dryness. Having lube available when you need it is important, and it’s not only for people who are coupled or in relationships. Solo sex or sex-toy focused activities are all endeavours that benefit from having additional lubrication. And when it comes to lube, K-Y is the #1 Doctor Recommended brand in Canada, and they have a great line-up of products, all worth trying. You’re certain to find a new favourite (or two) among the bunch.

Try increasing your personal comfort by using lube for all your lubrication needs for a full 30 days. Consider it a “30 Day Lube-athon! Put your comfort first and foremost on your “to-do” list and we’re confident you will never go back. (Keep in mind that K-Y lubricants feel natural, don’t stain clothing or bedding or feel sticky.)

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see and feel what a difference lube makes in enjoying comfortable sex. And you can use lube for other things, too; a drop applied like a moisturizer on days you feel dry and uncomfortable can make a huge difference in how you feel in the downstairs department.

A month-long effort to incorporate lube may sound like a bit of a long time, but here’s an interesting fact for you: for 2/3 of the month, a woman may need some help producing the lubrication required in order to make sex comfortable.* (Yay hormones and life cycles!) But by using additional lubrication there is NO reason you can’t get comfortable and relieved from dryness. K-Y brand has been around for nearly 100 years – and that is a lot of 30-day sex challenges, and it is now the best-selling personal lubricant brand in Canada. The K-Y line of personal lubricants provides safe and natural feeling products to enhance intimate relationships by helping to make you comfortable, lubricated - and open to having more fun!

*Based on characteristic and volume of cervical lubrication at baseline for a normal 28-day mentrual cycle




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