What You Need to Know About Being Vaccinated While Pregnant

The benefits will always outweigh any minimal risks

What You Need to Know About Being Vaccinated While Pregnant

Melissa and I were both pregnant with our first babies in 2009/2010. As newly pregnant ladies, we were both over the moon. Of course, we were nervous about what lay ahead, but mostly, we were both filled with joy with the blessings we were carrying in our bellies.

During that time, we started hearing about the H1N1 swine flu that was spreading rapidly and eventually became a pandemic in Canada. We were terrified of catching this flu because of all the pregnant women being hospitalized. At routine OB and Midwifery appointments, we were both told we should have a vaccination against this flu strain. Although we were nervous to get any vaccinations while pregnant, the benefits of being vaccinated against the H1N1 Flu outweighed any minimal risks. Here's what we learned...

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This post was developed in association with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The opinions of the author are their own.

Having your family immunized is an important part of creating a foundation for a healthy life and it’s normal to have questions. Now you have all the answers in one place to help make an informed decision for your family.

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