How a Bikini Wax Inspired a Mom to Help Her Daughter’s Pain

Three Methods to Lessen Your Child’s Needle Pain

Do you have a child who is afraid of needles? Did you know there are ways to control the pain your kids feel when they get an immunization shot or have blood taken?

Lisa Thornbury is the mom of a little girl who has spent a great deal of time in hospitals and she has been by her daughter's side as she endured many needles. However, it wasn’t until Lisa had a positive experience with a bikini wax (thanks to some, ahem, well-placed anaesthetic cream!), that she realized she could make the experience less painful for her daughter. Now, you too can learn this unique “It Doesn’t Have to Hurt” trifecta of managing pain.

And if you’re wondering where you can find numbing cream and/or the patches mentioned in the video, check with your local pharmacy.

Newbie Note: With numbing cream, more is not better and too much can be dangerous. Your pharmacist will be able to give you advice on how and when to apply it.