Being Naked is Good for Your Health

Bring out your birthday suit!

Being Naked is Good for Your Health |

Go ahead—get naked. Science says it’s good for you!

From feeling empowered and embracing your body to sleeping better and preventing infections, hanging out in the nude has many, many benefits.

We’ve already proven that sleeping naked can lead to a better night’s rest, but it’s also great for airing out your private areas (yes, it’s a thing and you should do it).

"Sleeping naked would reduce the ability of those (always-present) bacteria to overwhelm the normal healthy vaginal flora,” Nicole Prause of the University of California, Los Angeles, told Medical Daily.

Additionally, if you want to ramp up your sex life, going to bed with your beau in the buff can encourage hanky panky, since skin-on-skin contact has been shown to prompt the release of oxytocin, a.k.a. the "love" hormone. 

And that’s not all. There are even more reasons to take it all off, all the time—like vanity, for instance.

"Going naked is great for healthy skin," skincare expert and plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo tells USA Today. "It helps the elimination of sweat toxins that clothing can reintroduce to the body and better overall blood circulation."

And finally, being naked can help encourage self-love, which we can all use a little more of.

“Being in the nude reduces shame,” says relationship expert Dr. Jenn Mann, adding, “You can work on self-acceptance and that can be very healing.”

What are you waiting for? Show us your birthday suit! 

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