Why I Worried About My New Baby’s Eyesight

My Childhood Lazy Eye Diagnosis Prepared me to be on top of my kids' eye exams

Why I Worried About My New Baby’s Eyesight

Heather will never forget having to wear large "Coke bottle" glasses, or being called "four eyes" as a child. Naturally, when her first daughter was born, she was paranoid about her new baby's vision. Read how she laid that anxiety to rest. 

I was 4 years-old when I was diagnosed with amblyopia — lazy eye.

I don’t remember the doctor or the encounter. I do remember lots and lots of eye drops. I do remember wearing an eye patch around for months on end - long after the fun of being a pirate had worn off. I do remember the giant pink "Coke bottle" glasses that followed the eye patch.

Another thing I remember was when my first daughter was born and being completely paranoid about her vision. All babies look cross-eyed at some point but did it mean more in her case?

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Did you know 75% of vision loss is preventable? It’s time to open your eyes to maintaining healthy vision.

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