Hand Washing: You’re Doing It Wrong

The Proper Way To Wash Your Hands And Kill Germs

Your hands may look clean, but the truth is that 80% of all infections are transmitted by your hands. Scientifically speaking, there is a right way and a wrong way to wash your hands and chances are you’ve been doing it wrong.

Microbiologist Jason Tetro, “The Germ Guy,” believes in what scientists refer to as the "total hand hygiene experience." In order to get rid of gross germs and keep all of your family healthy year round, follow these simple steps every time you wash your hands.

Jason has always been concerned about undernail hygiene. Several years ago he volunteered his scientific expertise to freshnails on how to keep undernails clean. Today, he's happy to volunteer his services again for this video to help Canadians stay healthy.

Your hands may look clean but even after washing, they’re still covered in germs. Now, thanks to freshnails, your hands can be 99.99% germ-free.

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