How I Keep My Active Family Fueled

Easy Snacks for Your On-The-Go Family

How I Keep Myself and My Kids Fueled While We Are Active

#YMCcommunity member Julie Nowell is the mom of three very active children who love exploring the outdoors. Find out how she keeps them all going for the entire day.

Julie Nowell

The 3 Chickens And A Boat

We just had a long weekend with our kids and while we could have been relaxing in the garden or walking through the market, we had a different idea of fun.

Always the hard workers, we decided to attack the forest around our property. Hours of climbing trees, with a quick run down to the ocean with the kids to enjoy a momentary break. And lots of biking for the littles around our property, searching new trails and exploring our acreage. 

And constantly looking for snacks to feed the busy grown ups and the many little people.

We don't like to eat to heavily during the day, preferring to snack and nibble our way throughout the day and not fall victim to the carb coma that usually comes after a plate of sandwiches. And seeing as we are often tossing bits into a picnic basket for a snack at the beach, on the boat or down in the field as we haul (yet another) load of branches and brambles, we prefer something easy to access and transport like these convenient snacks.

The Maple Leaf Protinis ended up in my shopping cart, tossed in as a…

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Visit your local Loblaws store to make adding protein to your family's diet super easy! Maple Leaf products like Country Naturals Turkey Burgers, Chicken Pepperettes, and Protinis are all smart ways to help fuel your busy days.

Then visit our 'Learn How To Power Through Your Day' page for tips on adding exercise to your day, feeding your family on-the-go, and recipes that will help fuel you.

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A mom of 3, living an idyllic rural life on Salt Spring Island, Julie balances life, family and feeding the chickens, while blogging at As the publisher of BLUNTmoms, she gets to work with AMAZING writers and women from around the globe, and as a consultant and coach, she spends her extra work hours helping others define their brand and their business. 

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