A Sneaky Trick To Deal With Cravings

Got a powerful craving for All-Dressed Ruffles? Kettlecorn popcorn, maybe? Most food cravings pass in about 15 minutes, so here's what you should do: paint your nails! This should take just long enough for the craving to subside, and when you're done you won't want to ruin your shiny mani by dipping your hand into a chip bag.

Kim Foster, MD, is a family doctor, writer and mom. She is passionate about healthy living and preventive health. That passion notably includes chocolate. And Pinot Noir.

As a mother, Dr. Kim knows how hard it is to make healthy choices…when ordering takeout is just so damn easy. She is dedicated to helping moms find that sweet spot between positive lifestyle habits and the little indulgences that make life pleasurable.

Dr. Kim knows that not everything works for everybody. And don’t stress over “perfect”. Balance is a nice ideal but, really, only critical when crossing a room in four-inch heels.

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