The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Read This Before You Throw Them Out

Before you throw away the pumpkin seeds, check out the amazing health benefits they offer. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to go through the hassle of drying and roasting pumpkin seeds, you can always just buy them.

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds:

  They help raise good cholesterol, HDL, and lower bad cholesterol, LDL, because they contain oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid.

  They are Nature’s “happy pills." They contain lots of tryptophan, which is good for relaxation and sleep, and also glutamate, a precursor of GABA, one of the neurotransmitters that calms the brain.

  They are full of magnesium and zinc. Magnesium is hard to come by in the American diet, and a majority of us are deficient in it. Zinc is also a common deficiency. It is important to have enough zinc because it is one of the most important elements in preventing osteoporosis. 

  They contain fibre which increases the satisfied “full feeling” that keeps you from getting hungry and binge eating.

  They are a natural anti-inflammatory which effectively reduces inflammation helping with arthritis.

  They are used in traditional cultures to prevent and treat parasites.

  They help prevent kidney stones as they prevent calcium oxalate formation.

What about pumpkin itself? It has beta carotene and potassium. Beta carotene, the same B vitamin that is in carrots, is a player in preventing everything from cancer to wrinkles! A cup of pumpkin contains more potassium than a banana—it’s going to have to be a good-sized piece of pie to get a cup!

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