It Doesn't Have to Hurt

We’ve teamed up with the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research to educate parents about how to help their kids when they're in pain. From newborns, and infants, to toddlers, school-aged children, teens, and tweens, there are ways to help all of them cope with childhood pain from illness, surgery, needles, headaches, and more. Remember, it really doesn't have to hurt.

Did you know each of these things can help to reduce your kid's pain? | YMCHealth |
Did you know each of these things can help to reduce your kid's pain?
by: Erica Ehm
Pain management in a crisis is something no parent ever wants to deal with but it's something every parent should know.

No two people feel pain the same way. So sometimes it's worth thinking outside the box.
I’ve never enjoyed getting needles, but I’ve never really been afraid of them, either. But my son is fearful. And I've made some mistakes in the past.

If my son tells me he’s feeling sick or something hurts, I believe him – but I want to understand the cause.
This mom thought her daughter was in for a fun-filled day at a birthday party. Instead, what they got was an ambulance ride, hospitals, and broken bones.
Sometimes the greatest lessons in how to be happy come from those fighting big battles. Read these words of wisdom from a young lady living with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) | YMCHealth |
Sometimes the greatest lessons in how to be happy come from those fighting big battles.
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Essential resources for parents of non-verbal, children with autism and tips to help determine when and if they are in pain.
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When is your child really in pain and when is it fear of what is about to happen? There are ways you can figure it out and help your kids.
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With same-day surgeries becoming more and more common, it's up to parents to assess and ease pain. Here's what you need to know.
Puzzling Pain In Your Kid: How to Identify It and Get Help
Before my daughter sprained her ankle, I had always assumed pain flowed directly from logical or visual physical evidence. I'll never make that mistake again.
Learn this unique trifecta for managing your kid's pain the next time they have to get a needle.
Learn how to instantly relieve your baby’s pain and provide comfort when she is in pain.
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How to Help Your Kid Cope with Recurrent Pain
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Why Aren't Kids Getting Proper Help for Their Pain?
Let's come together as a community to help make important changes and ensure children get the best pain care possible - including yours.
I believe every parent should have this website bookmarked on their computer from the time their first child is born.
Fear of Needles in Kids
I cannot remember a time when I was not terrified of needles. And to my great dismay, it seems I’ve passed this phobia onto my daughter.