I have come to understand why exercise is so important to me, my life and my well-being
If you do one thing every day for 15 minutes, it adds up to almost two hours a week. That’s a lot of found time.
I hate where I am. Why is it so taboo to say I hate my body?
I often find myself in awkward situations and I’m not sure why. What I do know is that I’m learning to see them for all they’re worth: writing material.
Abdomens don’t speak, but it was, and it had a lot to say. I sat down and listened because it’s not everyday you hear your parts talking.
Paying more buys me safety, companionship, and perhaps most importantly: accountability. Oh, and... it works.
Bodies I saw everywhere I went looked nothing like what I've been told mine should look like.
Are you buff like Arnie, awesomely average, or "allergic" to athleticism?