Training for a Triathlon

Just about a year ago, my neighbor told me about a group she had started up called momstown and as a new mom I might want to check it out.  It is a community of moms connecting online to chat and support each other and also offers offline activities, with a calendar of events that includes everything from playgroups to mom’s night out… Yes, I was ready for this.

She also mentioned the idea of a “Try a TRI” and that a group of moms were working together to do this for the first time.  Hmmm, maybe not quite ready for this.  As it turned out the moms who did this event last year were thrilled with their accomplishment.  

With my little guy now past one, I have decided to get in on it this year.  An even bigger group has come together and we are supporting each other with encouragement, buddying up to run, swim and go for bike rides.  At shorter distances than an actual triathlon, this event is much more doable, especially for beginners.  Still, for moms who are getting back in shape or taking on a new challenge there is some training involved to prepare and gain confidence for such an event. 

From losing that baby weight to so much more, training has become “mommy” time for many of us.  Bonding and making new friends, sharing the anxiety of race day, pushing ourselves physically even when it hurts as we climb hills, run further or complete our laps in the pool.  We feel that great high as a result of all of this!

On my own, I’ve been able to get out and run with my little one in the jogging stroller and I added a bike carrier so we can get out riding too.  A huge benefit is that our kids will be part of this early on and a healthy active lifestyle becomes instilled in them. 

Some of us chipped in and enlisted a coach who gets us together once a week - coach Nancy.  Nancy Hastings, Of Second Wind Conditioning is a NCCP certified triathlon coach, Personal trainer and run coach.  Nancy who herself started to train for a triathlon 12 years ago with a young family inspired us all with her story.   “A group of us would go for our open water swim at Gulliver’s Lake. We would all take the kids and let them swim at the beach while one adult stayed to watch them at the water. Then we would all rotate turns swimming and watching over the kids. After our workout we sat at the picnic table and enjoyed a meal together with friends and the kids.”

Talk about inspiration - How about a 60+ grandma who was selling her wet suit and is doing 1/2 iron man races this year?  We share our tips and stories with each other and we are encouraged to never give up and dream that maybe one day we’ll be participating in the 70.3 mile races!!

My group is incredibly pumped and passionate about making the most of our mommy time - having fun, training as athletes, making new friends and memorable experiences while getting great asses to boot! 

There are “Try a Tri” events organized all across Canada and the U.S.  This is an excellent fitness activity for athletes and would-be athletes, for moms, and even dad and the kids as young as age eight and up.

Rebecca Follows is a writer with a background in Business and Information Technology. In the past she has held management positions in both Information Technology and e-commerce.
While enjoying a successful career in Business and Information Technology, Rebecca decided she wanted to enjoy a more flexible lifestyle, one that would allow her more time with her family. She wanted to work and write in areas that she is passionate about and to make a difference, contributing stories that inspire, educate and encourage women in many walks of life.
As a journalist, fitness enthusiast and well-traveled mom, she shares her knowledge and first hand experience on I.T., fitness, family and travel.