Mommy Playground Fitness

Have fun and work up a sweat in just 20 minutes!

by: Jen Farr

When the warm weather arrives, we spend a lot of time at the playground...I mean a lot! There is nothing I love more than watching my girls run around, laughing in the sunshine. Our local park has all the usual pieces of equipment; slides, monkey bars, sandbox and teeter-totter.

The other sunny day, I realized I was spending too much time on the sidelines and not enough time in the game. My girls were busy running and sweating and I was sitting on an uncomfortable wooden bench, eating the ends of their snacks. It was at that moment that something dawned on me. I never have enough time to even dream of attending a fitness class...but here I was in the middle of a fitness centre. Enter mommy playground fitness.

Spending 20 minutes climbing, sliding and running is an amazing workout for anyone. Simply join in the fun. It doesn’t take hours get a work out in...really only 20 minutes is all it takes. Here’s what to do...

1. If your gym, I mean playground, has a slide try playing the “non-stop sliding” game. Run, carefully, up the steps and slide down...repeat...repeat...repeat.

2. A couple of chin-ups on the monkey bars will have you losing those flabby arms.

3. Grab a seat on the teeter-totter and start pumping those legs...up and down.

4. No proper playground equipment...try finding a tree stump or low step...start your step routine.

5. Play a game of good old tag...get your heart pumping!

Spend about 5 minutes at each “station” and next thing you know you have completed your 20 minutes of cardio exercise for the day. Not only is this a great workout, but my girls love having me play with them.

Often times we try and give our kids their independence and let them play on their own. Independence is important, but spending time actively playing with our kids is valuable too. What I have noticed is that any mom who enters the playground is swarmed by children. All kids want to play with an adult. So, what a great opportunity to spend time with your kids, sweat and laugh.

Jen Farr is a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful, intelligent girls. She's married to a funny, supportive man, who she started dating when she was a teen. She shares her adventures in crafting, baking, gardening and greening in her personal blog Kitchen Counter Chronicles.