How To Use Your Pantry To Make Delicious Meals

Skip the takeout menu. On your next grocery store trip stock up on pantry staples so you’ll be able to whip up these meals in minutes.


Perfect for those nights when time is of the essence.

polenta with chickpeas, zucchini, and black olives
Warm slices of polenta topped with a savoury sauce, this gluten-free, vegan meal is pure comfort food at its best.
tomato soup with croutons
Skip the canned version and bring back childhood memories by making this tomato soup recipe that's surprisingly simple.

lentil mushroom pecan almond balls with mushroom gravy
Don’t be daunted by the long list of ingredients–these fibre and protein packed lentil balls are easy to put together and can be made ahead of time.
Molasses gives this stir fry a subtle sweetness. It's the perfect weeknight meal for when time is short.
by: Lara Katz

spaghetti pie
Half spaghetti, half lasagna: This muffin-sized meals has full flavour.
by: Lara Katz
chicken drumsticks recipe
This quick dinner takes less than five minutes to prepare and can be customized to suit your family.
by: Lara Katz
Whip up a batch of this kid-friendly chicken fried rice that's ready in less than 10 minutes.
This isn't so much cooking as it is assembling but the end result looks like you slaved over a hot stove all day.
So good your kids will want you to put it in their school lunches. This ain't your mom's meatloaf.
chicken pot pie
The ultimate comfort food, this simple recipe arrives at the table like a deliciously wrapped gift.
Hamburger Soup Recipe
Add a little bit of this and a little bit of that for this "everything but the kitchen sink" recipe that will have your kids asking for seconds.
Tuna and Tomato Pasta Sauce Recipe
We like to call this the 'Old Mother Hubbard' meal. A quick and easy recipe for when your cupboards are bare.
Lightened Up Tuna Casserole Recipe
A lighter version of this comfort food classic that's simple to prepare on busy weeknights.
20 Pantry Essentials
With these essential ingredients on hand you'll be able to cook dinner in a flash without spending a lot of cash.
Five quick and easy ways to transform your kitchen into a healthy haven instead of a mindless eating trap
Organizing your pantry in a way that make you more efficient can not only save you time in the kitchen, it can save you money.