Burger Wars: Which Burger Recipe Will You Make Tonight?

‘Tis the season for grilling, so we put together all of the our best burger recipes by our YMC Foodies. They're easy to make, quick for clean ups, and delicious for the whole family. The only hard part about these burger recipes is deciding which one to make tonight. Pass the ketchup!

If you can stand the heat and want to get out of the kitchen, it's time to go outside and get grilling these fiery fantastic Chipotle Burgers.
If serving a burger has been a rare event at your house over the past winter, fire up the barbie and make these super simple patties from scratch.

Your burger is about to go international. Cut the usual condiments and top your burger with this delicious combination of tastes from Canada and France.
grilled burgers and grillled peaches
It's your main dish and dessert grilled up to perfection in this 2-for-1 recipe.

Bison is more flavourful, nutritious, and leaner than ground beef. Now you can learn how to cook the perfect bison burger (hint: it's all in the temperature).
A hearty veggie burger that even meat lovers will enjoy!
This burger playful, yet grown-up burger combines crisp green onions, crunchy onion rings and soft caramelized onions for a taste you'll fall in love with.
Burgers are brought to a whole new level with this double-decker delight.
Grilled Thanksgiving Dinner
They said it couldn't be done but let me proudly tell all you nay-sayers, you CAN grill an entire Thanksgiving dinner on the barbecue.
Skip the burger and have a ball with meatballs for a saucy sandwich that hits the spot.
Skip the oil and add this to your burgers for an extra dash of flavour that will keep your burgers moist.
The eight best burger cooking tips to help you become the master of your meat.
table with summer bbq condiments
This BBQ season condiment guide will help keep calories in check so you can slip back into skinny jeans come fall.