Banana Yam Smoothie Recipe

How I Got My Picky Eater To Eat Veggies

Amelia (aka Meebs) was always a good eater with a healthy appetite and willingness to try anything. So at 10 months old when she sent her spoon and everything on it flying across the kitchen we were a little stunned. Suddenly she refused anything she couldn’t feed to herself. I suspect it had a little to do with teething and a little to do with asserting her independence; but nevertheless, while cleaning yogurt off the ceiling was a great work-out, it wasn’t one I cared to repeat, especially at 6am.

With my freezer stash of homemade veggie purees and stews no longer “acceptable” and cereal and yogurt virtually impossible to serve without a spoon, I was stumped.

I tried making freezies with the yogurt, but Meebs had more fun “painting” her highchair with it than eating it. And while healthier than store-bought alternatives, the cereal bars I baked tasted so awful our dog turned up his nose at them. Meebs still gobbled up meats, cheese, pasta and other grains but fruits and veggies were a struggle; she definitely didn’t like the squishy feeling of them in her little fingers. So, what’s a mom to do? Like everything else: improvise!

Just when I thought I was out of ideas, Meebs took interest in my fruit smoothie. Thinking she wouldn’t actually get any since she’d never used a straw, I let her take a sip. Boy, was I wrong. The moment that straw hit her lips, she’d sucked up half my smoothie. Her eyes popped out of her head, and she said, “mmm” and reached for more. My first thought? Crap! There goes the one-food-at-a-time rule; let’s hope Meebs isn’t allergic to blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries or cherries. Bad mummy! But wait; this is how I’m going to get little Miss Independent to eat her fruit...and veggies! And it worked which is when Brocco-Berry, Banana-Yamma and Flower Power Smoothies were born.

Meebs is now 13 months and re-embraced her spoon and fork, along with the foods that go on them. And she’s getting better with her vegetables; but, in the meantime, to ensure she’s getting enough nutrients I continue to be a sneaky mummy with yummy smooth moves. Here is one of my personal favourites.

Banana-Yamma (A blend of yams, banana and citrus)

1/3 cup cooked, pureed, frozen and partially thawed yams
1/4 of a large banana
2 Tbsp. full fat plain or vanilla yogurt
1/3 cup frozen tropical fruit (I use a pineapple, mango and strawberry mixture)
2 Tbsp. frozen orange juice from concentrate, keep frozen and do not mix with water

Add whole or breast milk—~1/4 cup —or until desired consistency is reached Measure all ingredients into the blender and blend until desired consistency is reached, and smoothie “folds” into itself.

Voila!   You're now a mummy with smooth moves. 

Seana is a writer and professional communications consultant. Writing is one of her passions in life; aside from her family it takes top spot. She has recently started her own blog,, which allows her to combine her two loves - writing and being a mom—and share her joys, rants, and follies. For other smoothie recipes visit her blog at