27 Easy & Delicious Meals You Can Make With Ground Beef

Using ground beef is an inexpensive way to feed your family in a flash. We whipped up this hub filled with ground beef recipes that will help you get through another busy week. From one-pot meals to the easiest meatloaf ever, bookmark this page and use it whenever you need meal inspiration.

One Pot Lazy Cabbage Rolls
Less work, all the comfort. This old-time favourite gets a modern makeover so you can throw it together on busy weeknights.
The secret way to increase the nutritional value of your typical taco.
by: Lara Katz

Spicy Southwest Beef Chili Recipe
It's made in the slow cooker so your kitchen won't get hot and after eating this spicy Southwestern meal, you certainly won't be chilly.
Whether you're looking for a crowd pleasing family-friendly dinner or an addition to your freezer meal repertoire, this hearty lasagna whips up in flash.

This burger playful, yet grown-up burger combines crisp green onions, crunchy onion rings and soft caramelized onions for a taste you'll fall in love with.
Loaded Nachos Recipe
This is nacho ordinary dinner! Your kids will think your cool while munching on this fun meal that sneaks in veggies and black beans.
Are your kids a fan of sugary, jarred pasta sauces? Make this hearty sauce that goes head-to-head with jarred sauces and comes out a winner.
Not only is this recipe super easy, the entire meal can be ready in less than fifteen minutes which makes it much faster than takeout.
In honour of Food Revolution Day these meatballs are perfect for the freezer and lunch boxes.
Skip the burger and have a ball with meatballs for a saucy sandwich that hits the spot.
So good your kids will want you to put it in their school lunches. This ain't your mom's meatloaf.
Hamburger Soup Recipe
Add a little bit of this and a little bit of that for this "everything but the kitchen sink" recipe that will have your kids asking for seconds.
Fix this easy spaghetti sauce in the morning to create a family tradition that will give your kids life long memories of family dinnertime.
Lasagna Soup Recipe
A hearty soup filled with noodles and lean ground beef this one-pot-wonder is the ultimate twist on classic comfort food.
Soak up the sun....dried tomatoes with this meal that can be served with or without meatballs.
Sure, you could open a can and heat it up but it really doesn't get much easier than this recipe for the retro meal we all love.
Mini Meatloaf Recipe
It's magical meatloaf! Kids love anything in miniature form and this loaf is no exception. Make a batch and watch it disappear.
Veggie Beef and Brown Rice Soup Recipe
Turn stray veggies into a fresh, flavourful soup and add a little home cooked comfort to your day.
Easy to assemble in the morning for a hearty meal at night. So simple you'll be making it every week.
Packed with veggies this cheesy pasta tastes even better after sitting overnight and can be quickly heated for school lunches.
Chili Dogs Recipe
The chili recipe is the easiest you can get, and if you are feeling naughty (or just don't want to spend extra for ground turkey), use ground beef instead.
Tomates Farcies Recipe
A game of food hide-and-seek? We say yes! Your kids will love to lift up the little tomato hats to find out what lies beneath.
If serving a burger has been a rare event at your house over the past winter, fire up the barbie and make these super simple patties from scratch.
Slow Cooker Cabbage Roll Soup
There's no rolling, boiling, or freezing cabbage with this unwrapped version of the classic cabbage rolls.
Beef and Bean Burritos Recipe
The perfect meal to grab and go on busy days when you don't have time to cook.
It's not a great deal if you end up tossing it out.
tops to make freezer meals
Organizing a Big Cook is a lot of work. Read on for tips on making it run smoothly.