Make It Easy 101: Guacamole!

You need to know how to make this

Easy Guacamole recipe

Mexican food deserves it own category on the food pyramid, and preferably on the bottom where the biggest section is. Anyone who can deep fry ice cream is da bomb in my book. Is there anything better than cheese, beans, and tomatoes, for breakfast? Have you had churros? Deep fried dough rolled in sugar and cinnamon? I'll bet heaven smells like a Mexican kitchen.

Now - the goods: Let the finished product sit in the fridge for an hour before eating to let flavours meld

Halve, pit and fork mash the flesh of 3 ripe avocados, then stir in 2 cloves of garlic (use a rasp for best results), juice from one lime, a handful of washed and dried finely chopped cilantro, and a liberal pinch of good salt.  

There. Done

You can add chopped tomatoes, a pinch of cumin, omit the lime, add jalapeno... but this basic guac make a fab base and frankly, it's amazing on its own.