Reader Question: My Toddler Hates Veggies

Yummy Mummy Andrea in Toronto asks:

I CANNOT get my almost four year old to eat a healthy share of veggies.


I have tried everything - dips| cut-up into cute shapes| raw| cooked| hidden even... she doesn't even like potatoes! I worry that she is not getting enough vegetables - please help!


Dear Andrea|

Man| you sound desperate. Sit down| pour yourself a cup of tea and take a deep breath.

Now| commit to not caring what your four year old eats for one week. Nothing is going to change in one week| she will not become malnourished nor will she discover curried spinach is her fav. Simply write down what she does eat| every single thing that goes into her mouth including drinks for one entire day of that week.

Log on to and input every single bite. This site analyzes the intake of adults but you can still get a graphic picture showing you (and her) what she is getting and what she is lacking. Make a game of it.

Now it isn't you saying what she must eat| thus establishing a power struggle and a lifelong hate of anything green (including trees and solar power). It is her new favorite game on the internet showing her something new.

Now| go out and purchase some multi-vitamins and call me in the morning. As a nutritionist| I help families just like yours every single day with small ideas| recipes and plans.

There is no quick fix but it's a good first step!


Theresa Albert, a yummymummyclub alum is a foodie who happens to be a nutritionist and not the other way around. She loves to explore food and the culture of food and all of the human love/hate rituals that surround it. Her new book Ace Your Health: 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck (McClelland & Stewart) is a fun, practical guide to making tasty, changes for improved health using morsels of information and delicious, healthy recipes. Her television show "Just One Bite" aired on the Food Network for over two years in a daily time slot and still appears on BBC kids, it introduced her energetic style to millions. She is also the author of Cook Once a Week, Eat Well Every Day.

Definitely not a finger wagger, as a registered nutritionist, Theresa Albert, DHN, RNCP, has a passion for simple, honest solutions to today's lifestyle choices. In addition to her private practice at the Toronto Clinic, she has provided content and comment for every major Canadian broadcaster and is forever pushing the bologna out of lunchboxes and out of the news media. As an avid social media user, blogger/writer and as a parent, she understands the struggles of balancing priorities in real life. In print newspapers and magazines, you will often see her quoted when an issue needs common sense clarification. 

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