For Energy: Get More Iron

Many premenopausal women run a borderline iron deficiency without realizing it--we lose iron monthly because of menstruation, and it's a difficult mineral for our bodies to absorb. Low iron can definitely make you feel tired. Best dietary sources: meat, beans, fish, poultry, tofu, spinach, pumpkin seeds, tomato sauce, clams, oatmeal & whole grains. Also, try cooking with a cast-iron pan--it increases dietary iron. And have a big glass of OJ with that steak or spinach salad: vitamin C improves iron absorption. (For more energy boosters, read this.)

Kim Foster, MD, is a family doctor, writer and mom. She is passionate about healthy living and preventive health. That passion notably includes chocolate. And Pinot Noir.

As a mother, Dr. Kim knows how hard it is to make healthy choices…when ordering takeout is just so damn easy. She is dedicated to helping moms find that sweet spot between positive lifestyle habits and the little indulgences that make life pleasurable.

Dr. Kim knows that not everything works for everybody. And don’t stress over “perfect”. Balance is a nice ideal but, really, only critical when crossing a room in four-inch heels.

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