Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

There's no way around it. The Holiday Season is overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. No matter how much wine you drink or chocolate you eat – it's never quite enough to mask the pressure you're feeling. We hear ya! That's why YMC and Sobeys are here to help. Find sweet treats you can serve without breaking a sweat; plating techniques to make any dish look divine; yummy eats to wow your guests; and time saving tips you'll thank us for. Here's how to turn stressful into sensational...

Ditch the stress! Here's five simple tips to make your holiday prep a little bit easier.
I tried the Sensations by Compliments line from Sobeys and I didn't share all of it. I know I should feel guilty, but I don't. It's that good.

Holiday cooking can leave you frazzled, but homemade doesn't always mean heart made. Store bought items can be festive and delicious too.
In an ideal world we'd all love to make every single holiday meal from scratch, but it's just not practical. Here are some ways to make holiday meals easier.

Are you looking for some stress free holiday meal ideas? Food expert Nadine Hughes shares her time saving tips.
Onion and Fennel Bisque Recipe
This savoury Onion and Fennel Bisque is a great addition to your holiday menu because it can be prepared in advance to be ready when you need it.
Savoury Sausage Stuffing Recipe
This delicious stuffing is a great addition to your holiday menu because it can be prepared in advance and frozen for up to a month...ready when you need it!
Simple, prepare ahead egg recipes to make your holiday breakfast/brunch a smashing success.
If money's tight, it can be more stress-tivus than festivus. Here’s how to host a tasteful yet unique holiday soiree on a budget.
Wow your guests with this easy trick to create cappuccino art in a flash.
Hosting a party this holiday season? Pretty up your table with one of these gorgeous centrepiece ideas!