Quick and Easy Eggs for Breakfast

Nutritious and delicious, eggs are the perfect breakfast for kids before they head off to school. We created this page filled with easy-to-make recipes that will keep everyone in your house energized and feeling full longer. Add this page to your favourites so you’re not left scrambling because getting your kids up, fed and out the door to school on time is no yolk!

The Dietitian in Sarah Remmer loves that eggs are one of the healthiest foods in the world. Here's why it makes sense to serve your family eggs for breakfast.
From gathering the ingredients to serving your kids, this breakfast is ready to go in under three minutes.

Think you don't have time to make breakfast? Candace whipped up 5 egg recipes that can be made in 12 minutes or less. On your mark, get set, cook!
An irresistibly fun breakfast your kids will love plus the tip you need to read to make perfect poached eggs!

We asked mummies across the country to share their best tips and tricks on how to buy, store, cook and prepare eggs.
Erica Ehm and her son whip up their secret scrambled egg recipe and share their tips and tricks for making scrambled eggs even yummier.
Eat it at home or on-the-go, either way you get a complete breakfast in every bite. Don't you wish every meal was this easy?
Erica Ehm steps out from behind her computer to show you how to make a fabulous French Toast. Don't miss her simple tip for breakfast stressed moms.
Erica and her egg-flipping husband go head-to-head to see who can prepare a nutritious and tasty breakfast in the least amount of time. Watch to see who wins!
Breakfast Sandwich Recipe
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