New Ways to Eat Your Fruit and Green Nutrients

Fun and Nutritious Smoothies

We've all been there right? We want to feel and look good, have more energy and never get sick. Immediate reality can often be much the opposite.

Facing a household of hungry mouths with picky appetites, sometimes all we have the energy to do is reach into the depths of the freezer and reheat something packaged or if they're lucky – homemade! The motherly guilt that can ensue is a waste of time. Not only is guilt fruitless, but it can lead to wallowing in feelings that keep us simmering in our own personal hell.

The key to any transition is taking baby steps and having a heart felt desire! Rawmom specializes in making this transition fun, easy and totally achievable.

Green juices and smoothies are an awesome way to get many servings of fresh fruit and greens into our kids. The green color is a real attention grabber and you can have fun making up smoothie names like Alien Goop, or Shrek Surprise! The trick is to work out what they like and get them involved.

Simply start off with a banana, splash of water and a handful of organic spinach... If your kids like mango, then add mango. Kiwi is also a great sweetener plus you get a hit of vitamin C... (but be careful...used for too long, high speed blenders can sometimes pulverize kiwi seeds & make the flavor a little peppery.)

What if your little muffin doesn't like banana taste? Have fun and experiment with different flavors and get the kids involved. If you find your kids are still on the smoothie fence, another great way to grab their attention is to make a smoothie for yourself in a funky colored glass and drink with a straw. Sometimes the temptation of seeing you drink the smoothie is too much. You may just find yourself running to the kitchen to make another one just for them.

I also love to make my own hemp seed milk and keep it in ice cubes in the fridge. Hemp seeds are a complete food – which means they contain all the nutrients we need to thrive. So when I am feeling peckish I grab a banana, some berries, a few ice cubes and splash of water and pop them in the blender. It's super nutritious, totally delicious and your kids will be prying your fingers off the glass.

Hemp Seed Milk

Blend 1 cup of hemp seeds with 3 cups of fresh water.

Strain the liquid through a nut milk bag/ muslin.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze.

Freeze in cubes or keep refrigerated and drink within 3 days

Bonus Idea:  Sprouting any seed increases the nutritional value so sprouting hemp seeds can be a fun activity for the kids to get involved in, plus they get to become the chef and make their own creations along side mom in the kitchen. It's a win, win.

Fiona Hollis is the director of and founder of She lives with her 3 kids and soul mate in the UK and is passionate about eating healthily and emotional release in order to heal our and grow in love.

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