How to Beat the Lunchbox Lull

It’s the lunchbox lull – lunches left to the last minute because there’s nothing in the fridge, or you feel uninspired and send the same thing day after day. We've partnered Mr. Christie's Fruit Krisps cookies to help you make your kids' mid-day meals more fun. Here are a bunch of inspired lunch ideas and stories from busy moms who shared their lunchbox confessions and suggestions.


Keep on checking this page as we add new ideas, more confessions and a special video featuring a very funny famous Canadian mom to help you beat the lunchbox lull.

School lunch surprises
We asked moms across the country to confess some of the most, errr, creative lunches they’ve sent to school with their kids.
Watch this funny webisode with comedian Jessica Holmes as she hits the playground and gets moms to confess what they’re giving their kids for lunch.

Tips to Beat the Lunchbox Lull
Tough love, tackling spills and keeping up with the cool kids. Beat lunch boredom with these six tips to make your kids' lunches fun...and edible.
I turned around to see my girls looking up at me with massive smirks on their faces. Because they knew. They knew I had hit the rock bottom of lunches.

It's the mom version of Iron Chef, trying to pull together a healthy, well-rounded lunch from mystery ingredients in your pantry.
Is this how you envisioned what making lunches for your kids would be like? We asked Canadian writer, Merry Kuchle, to share her lunchbox confession.
If your child is easily distracted while eating lunch at school, doing this one little thing can help ensure they eat more food.
When my daughter started kindergarten 3 years ago, I didn't know what I'd do after the routine lunch making sandwich/cookie/apple/drink got tiresome.
Use this simple scale to scale down on fancy lunches.
Turn an ordinary lunch into a virtual party in a lunchbox. Here are seven tips and six sandwiches so you too can funch your lunch.
Tired of fishing out rotting food from the bottom of your kid's backpack? Have them do this after school each day.