An Apple A Day...

Autumn and apples go together hand-in-hand. From Gala and Pink Lady to Fuji and Granny Smith, there’s an apple for every taste. Grab an apple cider and read these Golden Delicious apple recipes that will have you feeling fab about fall.

Celebrate the bounty of fall fresh apples with these quinoa salad that makes a great side with any meal.
Sweetness For Your Soul: Make the most of apple season with this simple recipe that is like candy in cake form.

It's the dessert that requires almost no work and can be easily whipped up for a weeknight meal.
It's an apple pie you can eat with your hands and so easy, your toddler can help. For real.

Loaded Applesauce Oatmeal Cookies Recipe
Packed full of chocolate, raisins, and nuts, these cookies make a great snack. Be sure to double the recipe so there's some left for you.
Have a golden delicious time with this outdoor activity that will appeal to everyone in your family.
by: Lara Katz
If your kids think of a computer when you mention apple, it's time to take them out to the orchard. But before you go read these tips to ensure a great time.
We get to the core of making a simple applesauce that can accompany any meal.
Now you don't have to deny your kids their apple pie.
We're going hardcore with this appealing apple sauce recipe that beats the store bought, sugar laden version any day.
Warm Mulled Apple Cider Recipe
Why did the apple cross the road? To get in'cider this cider.
This spin on a traditional roast chicken uses apple flavoured tea to infuse the chicken from the inside and sweet caramelized honey to enhance it on the out.
One bite of this apple cheesecake and you'll feel like you're in paradise.
Sage and Apple Biscuit Recipe
Take our sage advice and mix up a batch of these biscuits that are a wonderful accompaniment to soups, stews and chili.
Three steps to keep your apple slices from turning brown.
Looking for an easy and delicious fall dessert? Look no further, this apple frittata will please everyone at your table including the kids!
This is what you need to add to your apple pie for perfect consistency.
by: YMC
Mulligatawny Soup Recipe
The sweetness of the apples balances out the spicy of the curry in this hot soup that's perfect for cool fall days.
Check out these delicious recipes featuring this slightly sweet and tangy apple.
Apples make them moist, whole wheat flour makes them healthy—serving them for dinner makes you the best mom ever.
A simple, healthy and delicious baked apple recipe that's a healthy low fat dessert
Slow Cooker Apple Butter Recipe
Don't let the canning process scare you–apple butter is the easiest gift you can make this holiday season. If you don't eat it all first.
Apple Blueberry Crumble Recipe
This simply sweet dessert is easier to make than pie. Best of all, the luscious fruit combinations are endless.
Apple Pudding Cake Recipe
Impress your guests with a dessert that's delish and surprisingly simple to make? The proof is in the pudding.
This isn't your mom's upside down cake. A mixture of grilled pineapple and Indian-inspired spices give this summer treat a sweet and spicy twist.