3 Easy 15-Minute Dinners Your Kids Will Come Running For

We're all busy - but we need to eat!

Dinner time can be a gong show even on days where everything falls into place: the kids have no homework, your train got in on time, and no one has 150 cupcakes to present for a school fundraiser tomorrow. But unfortunately, these days are usually far and few between and most evenings pass in a blur of piano lessons, missing karate pants, and a sink-full of pots and pans no one can be coerced into washing.

But kids need to eat – and so do you! – and even the mystery of the elusive missing karate pants won’t seem as hard to overcome when bellies are full and nourished. Takeout is an option, sure, but when you can prep a family favourite in 15 minutes or less, why would you settle for a soggy brown bag of lukewarm food? And sometimes on busy nights you’re leaving dinner duty to a babysitter, and chances are they’ll stop returning your calls if you expect them to prepare a three-course feast. (Yes, we said 15 minutes above - and in six steps or less! Let’s get this party started.)