Easy Trick to Peel Bananas in a Pinch

This trick changed my life. Well, ok it didn't change my life but I've never opened a banana the same way since.

I want you to watch this video (or ANY video of a monkey opening a banana) and see if you notice anything.

That's right. Monkeys (who happen to eat a LOT more banana than you or me) open bananas from the OPPOSITE side from the handle. Do you know why? Because it works better. Somewhere along their evolutionary path they discovered this... and somewhere along ours we forgot it.

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Next time you go to open a banana, flip it over, handle side down, simply pinch the black tip between your thumb and forefinger and it will split perfectly in two. Go ahead and peel your unmushed banana. It works every time! 

Now, I wonder how they'd open a pineapple? 

Image Source: WikiCommons

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