Celebratory Wine Pairings to Match These 6 Parenting Wins

Parenting is hard work that needs to be CELEBRATED. Here's how to pair those wins with wine.

Let’s be completely honest about a few things here right out of the gate:

  1. Parenting is hard. It’s also amazing and fulfilling and joyful, but it is hard.
  2. Parenting is work.
  3. Parenting is hard work that needs to be celebrated.

Given the first two points, the truth is that we sometimes need to seek out the small wins in order to have cause for celebration. But parenting also makes you savvy (point #4) and if there’s one thing we parents can do, it’s find the joy in almost anything short of an unplanned trip to the ER for a broken collarbone. (And if pressed hard, I could probably convince you that finding that hospital parking meter with time left on it was actually a win.)

Not convinced? Let’s look at some common scenarios you’ve likely encountered – or are yet to experience - and how you can celebrate those wins with some delicious Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wines!

Yes, I am talking about “wine wins,” which to be fair, are the very best kind of wins. 

The “You Did it Even Though You Really Really  Didn’t Want to” Win 


You stood in the rain, fought the crowd, and scored the only Super-Ultra-Amazing-Video-Gaming-Extravaganza-Party-Machine at the Big Box Pre-Summer One Hour Sale for your kid’s birthday. Then, you were able to single-handedly set it up as a surprise, all without collapsing in a puddle of “I’m too old for this $*#” tears.. You are a techno-wizard, my friend. You are nailing this Mom-thing.

Celebratory Wine Pairing

Toast yourself with Sauvignon Blanc or a Cabernet Merlot while birthday boy is safely tucked in bed, asleep for the night.

The “Oh %&*^. I am SO Sorry” Win


You spent a gorgeous and well-deserved summer day off getting poolside pedicures at the day spa, only to return home to learn that your four-year-old decided to play “hairdresser” to her co-campers in the day camp dress up corner.

Celebratory Wine Pairing

Not looking so good, but your token “sorry” gift to three sets of parents are your famous wine slushies recipe and a bottle of chilled pretty pink Woodbridge White Zinfandel just earned you three dinner invites from appeased parents. That’s at least half a week off from cooking, Mom. Who says home haircuts aren’t cool, now? You just may buy this kid some business cards.

The “Always Keep a 2-Sided Trick Coin for This Reason” Win


You’re finally carved out some time to enjoy the weather and a delicious wine cocktail. Your patio is the only place you want to be on earth right now and things are just glori… Oh wait. There’s the sound of your teenager’s car in the driveway, and you don’t hear any doors slamming after the engine is turned off. Parents, we know what this means: Massive make out session in progress.

Celebratory Wine Pairing

You win the coin toss on who plays bouncer, and you’re back to your wine in no time.

The “Maybe Raising Teenagers is Not Going to End You After All” Win


You missed the last train out of the city before the line needed “unexpected and lengthy repairs,” and the orange blossomy, citrusy delicious Moscato you were hoping to be home in time to chill after picking up the littles from daycare will now NOT be your perfect ending to the day as planned.

Celebratory Wine Pairing

This doesn’t sound like anything worth celebrating, you think, as you finally get in the door after frantic “can you pick up the kids” calls to family members. But what’s that smell? Oh look! That teenager who hasn’t spoken to you in three weeks picked up her siblings, grilled some dogs, and made a salad for the whole family! It’s these unexpected wins that feel the best. (Note: Savour it. That same kid will go back into “silent mode” two days following your celebration.)

The “You’re Finally All Alone” Win


Remember those days when a screaming toddler became glued to your leg at the mere hint of you leaving the room or when you dared to bathe alone? (You’re a monster, mom.) Those days of sipping warm leftover milk because you haven’t got two free hands to pour yourself a glass of your own will end – and the truth is you will miss them. BUT – sometime soon that baby will be a surly teen who can’t stand the sight of you and they will go out without you – sometimes for hours!

Celebratory Wine Pairing

This is a big one. You and the dog have the house alone and you are going to pretend like you don’t even know what the words “home cook” mean. Here’s where you take a bold red or a crisp white with a great gourmet feast: an eight-slice pepperoni pizza that serves ONLY one. 

The “Your Kid Had a Win” Win


Your four-year-old has finally mastered the two-wheeler he’s been working so hard to balance on, and you’re having treats to celebrate, because it’s summer and every milestone win is worth celebrating. But wait! He’s on a roll, because the very next day he masters “independent bathroom-ing”!

Celebratory Wine Pairing

This celebration just moved to Riesling and BBQ scallops status. When you stop to think about all your kids have accomplished in their lives, and how their wins are also yours, you can’t help but feel lucky not only to be raising them, but to have the honour of even knowing them. They’re pretty cool people and it’s our privilege to love and celebrate our children.  

And that whole “taking care of yourself in the bathroom” thing?

Seriously ice-cream party worthy.


We at YMC love wine, but we don't love the idea of spoiling a good time. Please drink responsibly.

Jeni Marinucci is YMC's Creative Director. She has a guilty conscience, a love for humour, and a questionable home-haircut. After her children were old enough to make their own sandwiches, she returned to University to complete her B.A. in English Literature—a designation which has provided her with an extensive library and crushing student loans. When no teaching college wanted her, she had to choose between taking orders through a drive-thru window or from an editor. She chose the latter.