5 Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep

During The Hectic Holidays

5 Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep

We all know how exciting and festive the holiday season can be. Family gatherings, neighbourhood parties and seasonal celebrations take place almost every weekend for the month of December. For some of us, the holiday season means travel; maybe a few hours away by car or by plane.

While we get excited about all the holiday cheer; it is also a time of sleep disruption. And for the tiniest members of our family, that can cause serious sleep issues.

Here are five guaranteed ways to give your family the rest that is on both baby and parents list; even during the holiday chaos.

The Five S's
For brand new parents, we give the gift of the 5 S’s. Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, the 5 S’s replicates the feelings of security and warmth your baby felt while inside mommy’s body and can add extra hours onto baby’s sleep time. The 5 S’s include Swaddling, Side Stomach (always placed on back), Shushing, Swinging and Sucking. A combo of just two or three or all five will make the gift of sleep a reality.

For the socialite family, we give the gift of routine. Even though the holidays are a time of late nights and new environments, maintaining a routine for your little one during this time is important. Bed times may change, but your routine does not have to. Whether is it a baby massage, special pajamas or a bed time book these simple signals will tell your little one – time for bed – and will allow mom and dad some extra holiday cheer.

For the travelling family, we give the gift of accessories. Be prepared for sleep time by recreating your home environment and creating a sleep travel pak. This is a great accessoriy to have for your little during holiday visits. Items to include: a pak & play, sleep sack, special items like a “Lovey”, a sound machine or even a favorite book.

Sleep On The Go
For the toddler, we give them the gift of sleep on the go. For many families sleep arrangements become a disaster when having late nights at a friend’s or even staying the night at grandma’s. No need to worry, parents have a wide variety of options for sleeping on the go. Try the Pea Pod or The Tuckaire Toddler bed, these easy to take-anywhere beds allow families to bring along comforts from home and also have a safe sleeping arrangement.


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The Helpful Doula
For the exhausted parent, we give the gift of help. It's not always about the kids, remember new parents (or parents with toddlers who just won’t sleep) crave a good night’s rest. So if you know some exhausted parents, why not give them the gift of sleep? Offer them a night of support from a postpartum doula or buy them a consultation with a sleep doula. 

Tracey Ruiz AKA The Sleep Doula, specializes in helping your babies, toddlers and children sleep. Working in the trenches with thousands of families over the last nine years, Tracey has seen it all. Co-sleepers, 15-minute nappers, babies who can sleep standing up, parents who don't like to hear their baby cry… You name it. She’s seen it and helped parents solve it.
Through Tracey’s extensive experience, she knows there’s never a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Every situation, every family, every child is different. She also knows the frustration, guilt and emotional distress families face when their children don’t sleep.