27 Awesome Things You Love About Toddlers

And One Thing That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Watching them learn and explore and master new skills, and of course the hugs and kisses.
Jenny B.

The way they try to pronounce words that they can't quite get right just yet.
Cheryl M.

All the chatting! Once they start to talk, no one can stop them!!
Cathy J.

The way he sings "Uptown Funk" when he can't say 'funk' correctly.  They're terror one minute, and telling you they love you and kissing you the next. The best.
Carol G.

How they can make me laugh!
Candice U.

Their majestic curiosity. Inspired me. We give them way too little credit. They're such inquisitive, magical little beings.
Lisa S.

I love that they still think mom and dad are so cool, they still want to snuggle, and watching them learn and discover everything.
Alli C.

The laugh of innocence, the pure love he shows and the way he can become elated just from spinning around or smelling a flower.
Julie P.

My girl is 5 now but when she first started telling me she loved me to 100, that made me fall in love a bit more. It was such an impossible number to her little mind that it seemed the right measurement. We still say it.
Kelly F.

Their honesty. Their ability to speak their mind like adults should. Their perception and answers or explanations for things. The fact that they're much smarter than adults give them credit for.
Carolyn L.

I love how everything is so fresh, new, and exciting to them! They are full of wonder and innocence. It's quite magical.
Paula H.

How much fun they are.
Rain Y.

Cuddles and kisses.
Shannon N.

I used to love that she made me slow down, and stop and smell the roses, and every other flower on the street, look at bugs, and dig holes..
Sunshine H.

The way they see the world and make you look at it with new eyes as well.
Ilnara H.

The snuggles. All the snuggles. The amazing, unconditional lovely snuggles.
Jen G.

Their innocence, their questions about the ways of the world, waking up beside them, kisses, cuddling, big eyes and chubby cheeks make you forget the tantrum any day.
Amanda L.

The pure innocence in the things they say. The uninhabited silliness.
Angela N.

How much unconditional love they give you!
Elena S.

How happy they are when you come home.
Jessica B.

Waking up early everyday with same enthusiasm like it's his first day.
Disha V.

Seeing them experience things that us as adults take for granted.
Jeremy K.

The random things that they say, whatever is in their little head, sometimes so cute, so neat what they're thinking...
Charlene H.

That full bellied, crinkly nosed, twinkly eyed laugh!
Taslim J.

Their excitement over the smallest thing!
Amber P.

Their unbridled joy in everything.
Shannon H.

How he teaches me more about love, tolerance, patience, acceptance and how to let go of the things that don't really matter and just be in the moment with him.
Jessica D.

And we'd like to thank Erin H. for this answer "What do you love most about toddlers" that made us laugh out loud:

Bed time.

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