What To Look For In The Perfect Sippy Cup

For Every Parent Who Is Tired Of Sips Turning Into Spills

With so many sippy cups on the marketeach with its own set of features and functionalityhow do you know which one to choose?

We gathered together a group of moms to put the four Playtex Occasion-based cups to the test. Their toddlers sipped, shook, and chewed the cups, while the moms watched and weighed in on which features they liked best. Watch this video to find out what features you should look for when purchasing a sippy cup for your busy toddler.

Mealtimes happen even when you’re on the go. Thankfully, Playtex has mealtime feeding products for active on-the go moms who have active on-the-go kids. YMC's Unexpected Mother, Tanya Enberg and her toddler son put Playtex feeding products to the test. Find out if the food was flying or if mealtime mayhem was kept to a minimum when they tried everything out.

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