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Is homework a hassle at your house? This teacher thinks you can lighten the load on both you and your kids by doing this.
teenagers and sex
It's my job to educate my daughter about contraceptives and the importance of using them, but outside of that I don't have a right to the intimate details.
We can’t ignore the misogyny. What exactly does “act like a lady” mean?
Adventures in Teenage Driving_OnStar Features
You can't be with them always, especially on the road.
I remember being teased by boys at school, and when I complained, I was told not to worry about it because that was the way boys showed they like you.
We should definitely not be thinking about school yet, but thanks to Ontario’s new Premier Doug Ford, we can’t think about anything else.
They try, and we encourage. No matter how many times they get it wrong, we keep encouraging them to try.