Five Things You May Not Know About Prom

Things sure have changed since 1990

I graduated from high school in 1990, and things have changed a bit since then. My first kiddo is graduating from high school next year, so I have been paying close attention this season to see what I’m in for.

I’ll have five more marking this milestone soon enough! There were a few surprises:

In Canada we have “Proms” now

It was always a uniquely American title for the party celebrating the end of your high school career. C’mon – you’ve all seen your share of John Hughes movies. Well, the prom has now taken over Canada. I suppose Sorority Sisters and Frat Parties are next (unless they’re here already?)


This is an elaborate, often public way of asking or being asked to the prom. While some find the practice a bit cheesy, many promposals have gone viral if they have been unique or special in any way. The point is: if you’re going to do a promposal, it had better be creative or original.

Pull Out Your Wallet

The festivities are going to cost you (and/or) your teen a lot of money, particularly for the girls. The gowns are fancy and expensive, and there is an expectation around having hair, make-up, and nails done professionally. Limos and corsages also contribute to that growing bottom line. And don’t forget about glittery shoes and a fancy bra to wear under the fancy gown. Throw in the fact that the kids might go away overnight somewhere, so there are hotel and other transportation costs. Be warned: some schools have a prom AND a grad dance… and don’t you think for a second you’ll get your daughter to wear the same dress to both!

No Fashion Duplicates

These girls are not going to experience that embarrassing moment when you make your grande entrance, only to find out that someone at the event is wearing the exact same dress. The kids set up a Facebook page where the girls post their dresses to ensure there are no duplicates at the party.

And As For Those Dresses…

If it is YOUR prom, you wear a full-length gown. If you are going as a date to someone else’s prom, you wear a dress shorter in length. I’m not sure how this became etiquette, but there you have it.

Do you have someone attending prom this year? Was your sense that it was over the top, or did you think they got the level of celebration just right?




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